What will be the next step after you have contacted me?

After you have contacted me, I will review your inquiry and the facts you provide and will determine whether they are sufficient to give you a fee quote at this stage. If this is not the case, I will respond in a timely manner and ask you for additional information.

What costs can you expect?

The fees for my services are calculated based on time spent and hourly rates agreed upfront with you. My hourly rates vary depending on the complexity of your specific inquiry.

In addition to my hourly rates, I will generally provide you a maximum not-to-exceed amount. This way you will be able to foresee the final costs.

This maximum amount can be established if the scope of work can be determined clearly. This normally will be the case with smaller tax inquiries, initial high-level assessments at the beginning of more comprehensive projects, the establishment of companies, or the preparation of tax returns where the relevant figures can be easily retrieved from documents provided by your company.

For larger tax projects such as restructuring projects, M&A transactions etc., it often will not be possible to initially set a definite maximum fee, as scope and time effort are subject to a dynamic development. Where this is the case, I will continuously keep you updated on the development of costs and will disclose to you what exactly my hours of work were spent on. This way you will still retain control over your budget.